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Ancient fans in mother-of-pearl in show to Ancona

Ancient fans in mother-of-pearl in show to Ancona
Spazio-Tempo valle Miano street, 5

Thursday 17 October will be inaugurated, at 6.00 p.m. the great show of the  mother-of-pearl fans of the collection "Sergio Cannara" of Busseto,  recently introduced to the Museum of Malacology of Cupra Marittima.
It deals with 30 fans, dated year 1800, Spanish, French and Italians,  rigorously with "sticks and watches" in mother-of-pearl and precious "pages"of  extraordinary manufacture, some embroider and others painted.
The fans will stop to Ancona, in "Spazio-Tempo" conceived and conducted by  Tiziano Cossignani, author of the catalog that has qualified the show to the Museum of Malacology, up to November 9 and later they will find position in the  constituting "Museum of the button and the mother-of-pearl" that Gian Maria Cannara  is realizing to Busseto, native city of her father Sergio that has picked up the
fans, with particular and prudent searches, in '70s years.
In the places that will entertain the show are in permanence exposed: "the bronzes  of Benin", "the African masks" and "the Scholar's stones"
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