Via Valle Miano 5
orari: lun-sab 16.00-19.00





Invitation to "Spazio-Tempo", Valle Miano street, Ancona
Inauguration of "Scholar's stones"


Three hundred Chinese stones, coming from Liu river, that the mandarins use for the evaluation of the ability of concentration of the students and that the rich families give in the particulaar recurrences, will be exposed near to thousand African masks and one hundred bronzes of Benin.
The show will stay open up to October 3 rd 2013, with free entry.
I will be particularly happy to see you on the occasion of the opening ceremony when I can illustrate you the show and the initiatives programmed for Spazio-Tempo, a place integral part of a cultural project that enriches the life of the city of Ancona.
In the certainty to meet you, I cordially greet you.
Tiziano Cossignani