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Success to the inauguration of the Masks Museum

Inaugurated "Spazio-Tempo" in Ancona, with an extraordinary show of African masks, besides the bronzes of Benin.
Idea of Tiziano Cossignani, the structure is, in fact, a branch of the Museum of Malacology of Cupra Marittima that in these days is on all the chronicles for the unbelievable show of Ancient fans in mother-of-pearls.
In Valle Miano  street 5 the new expositive space, even if limited in the surface, proposes an exposure of over 1000 African finds of the most greater etnies, from the Dogon to the Baulé, from the Yoruba to the Fang, from the Bamun to the Bameliché covering particularly careful geographical areas, to the culture and the rituality, such as Congo, Gabon, Nigeria, Camerun, Mali, Ghana.
Don Isidoro, priest of the zone, has imparted the benediction to the new places, in an area of Ancona that turns to the economic and cultural raising. For Ancona it deals with a new museum but above all this is a new opportunity of attraction that has already a program time of extraordinary events.
In a special area the painter from Pescara Ida Garribba has introduced 30 works of his paintings of great attraction.
Near to the exposition area there is a naturalistic laboratory, particularly furnished in butterflies, bugs, shells and stones. 

During this period the structure can be visitable from Wednesday to Saturday from 16.00 20.00. Info 3473704310 


Don Isidoro blesses the exposition


Cossignani and Don Isidoro


Bronzes of  Benin


Crowded inauguration


Masks in show


Thousand masks in show